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Network Infrastructure

Think of Blue Plains as your single source for your entire network. Our seasoned experts handle everything for your network infrastructure from hardware to software, network design to implementation. 

We engineer your custom network infrastructure and provide all the solutions you need—physical or digital—to install it all:

Low-voltage cabling for your data communication and A/V, security, and building management systems.

Digital signage and interactive displays –video walls; displays for classrooms, conference rooms, and offices.


of educational institutions see digital signage as crucial for the future of communication.

Routers to manage your data flow across your network.

VoIP telephony solutions are intelligently designed to tolerate low bandwidth network conditions.

Network switches to relay your data to the endpoint destination.

Access points with the latest features enabling fast secure Wi-Fi. 

Network Infrastructure-image.jpg

Applying technology to education helps students to

Reduce Stress


Improve Confidence




Better Prepare For Class


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