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Customer Support

Even the best business technology gets a glitch now and then. No worries! As a service-oriented solution provider, Blue Plains Technology delivers no-hassle support. 

We stand by the products and services we sell and/or manage—and we make sure you’re never “stuck on hold” trying to figure out what’s going on. Our highly responsive team is here to support you by handling the issue on your behalf. 

Contact us RIGHT AWAY for technical support in the event you experience an issue with your computing network infrastructure that interrupts your connectivity, or fill out the support ticket below. 


Thanks for contact us, we'll reach out soon

At Blue Plains Technology, customer support is not limited to troubleshooting a problem. It also includes training on your telecom solutions and a help desk to get answers to your questions about our managed services and IT solutions.  

If you require sales or technical support, have billing questions, or need to track an order, call us at 833.458.9510 (Central time zone). You can also send an email to

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